Macross(and sequels) to finally be released in the West

Fuck. Yes. Macross Zero deserves a great dub and release here in the states. Fucking finally. Fuck harmony gold.


God Tier anime.

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Surprised I’ve never heard of it. Will add it to my list

Its robotech in the west…sort of.

Macross was used for the first saga in Robotech. Macross 2, Macross Plus have been released in teh states… infact Bryan Cranston voice acted for Macross plus… But we NEED Macross Zero over here. Amazing series.

i just discovered the Battletech kickstarter on Steam

fucking awesome. need some of the old-school mechs before harmony gold got a sandy vagina

The new designs are great except the phoenix hawk… I dont like it… but the others are wonderfully done.

A few years ago someone was selling unofficial blu rays of the entire series on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Hopefully they release them in nice affordable sets. I’ve seen the entire first series as well as Macross II, Macross Plus, and Macross Delta. Also parts of Macross 7. Much of the series outside of the original is very different and experimental in nature, but I’ve still enjoyed everything I’ve seen so far. I’m very big on 70’s-80’s mecha anime.

I didn’t like Frontier… I got bootleg of it a while ago. Gonna revisit it soon. Zero is still the best of the entire franchise, IMO.

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Although I haven’t seen it in decades, Macross still seems wholesome. Movies as an artform are obviously 99+% trash, even outright dangerous but I always felt that animation enjoys greater leeway. On the other had, the growing amount of anime nerds is worrying. There’s young men who unironically tell you about their favorite slice of life manga with petite female protagonists. Rather worrisome.
Anyway, it’s hard to screw up sci fi anime.