Macy Gray Doubles Down on Calls For Replacing 'Dated, Divisive' U.S. Flag

Remember when the Left ridiculed anyone saying that there would ever be a push to replace the flag…

“There’s something called the melanin scale. It actually has everyone’s skin tone that is on this Earth, from yours to mine. From the darkest person on Earth to the lightest person on Earth.”

I’m sorry, is this dumb bitch actually under the impression that caucasian people are actually as white as the stars on the flag!?

And everyone else will double down on her being a fucking moron.


Who cares what Macy Grey says or what Newsweek reports? Both are irrelevant. Do we have to hear every crazy pseudocelebrity thoughts on everything? This is just bait for all you gullible lackeys to get your panties in a bunch.


^You cared enough to open the thread…

So basically the same ‘no one is calling for getting rid of the American flag’ defense the Left used when all this shit started a couple years ago…?

You’re an idiot if you think these are lone voices in the wilderness anymore.

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Never heard of her why is she important?

Your shilling for Macy Gray is my favourite thing this week. I hope you keep doing it.