mad at fighters 4 making money?

the whole he opted for money over competition argument is rediculous. this is a job. ask any fighter (a smart one anyway) and theyll tell you that getting hurt and not making the right amount of money to do so is pointless. this isnt called the hurt business for nothing. soku chose to go to elite xc over the ufc because why wouldnt you want to make more money and have an easier time doing it? and for all those who disagree with what im saying, get real. im trying to get paid as im sure everyone is. get off fedors nuts for not giving in to dana. if fedor can make 3 million a fight to beat up dumb rednecks then fucking right. good for him. you think he cares about being number one when hes making 3 mill a fight? get real. so think before you post about guys trying to feed there families.

"if fedor can make 3 million a fight to beat up dumb rednecks"

Who's a dumb redneck?

Otherwse I agree.



Fedor made $3mil for the Lindland fight?

i dont know but all im saying is some people need to look at the real picture. these guys are doing this for money to provide for themselves and there loved ones. they have nothing to prove. being in a cage or ring with anyone is more than most the guys on here will ever dream of. fedor is the most dominant fighter ever. if he can get more money to fight someone and be by his family then take that fight. why would you bash anyone trying to survive? because youre butt hurt over him not fighting who you want him to? who the fuck are you for him to risk life and limb over? i didnt mean to make presumptions about him making 3 mil to fight lindland i was only trying to put a certain perspective on what i was saying.