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Mad guy in crowd (gif)

dudes getting pumped for prelims

All my housemates got a good laugh from that! Haha Phone Post


Good for him Phone Post

Shirtless brazilian stephen Colbert?

He looks as animated as I just got on the phone letting twc know they suck balls and im canceling my service because they diddnt give me fuel. Phone Post

^^^ I have time warner cable..fuel is not in HD it's an obscure channel, like 265 or something.  Keep trying.  I didn't know I had it till a few events into the fuel deal.


and in regards to the thread..yes..It was cool to see how packed the place is for prelims.

lol all the jason masks in the background. such a awesomely savage crowd.

Blue please

3 Sided Square - Blue please



Nuevo Haole - 

Shirtless brazilian stephen Colbert?

Maybe if Colbert was 20 years tounger and had a tan and decent eyesight

Dope!!! Phone Post 3.0

I have TWC and get Fuel. Channel 264

I've been to several events and I've yet to see anyone (other than the fighters) walking around without a shirt. Phone Post 3.0

Just Bleed>Brazilian wanna-be Phone Post 3.0

If you need to figure out if you have Fuel, follow this link:

Enter your zip code into the box that says ENTER ZIP CODE then press GO. Select your service provider from the popup window. The site will tell you what channel it's on if it's available in your area, and also what type of entertainment package you'll need (if any) with your cable company.

Alternatively, if your company doesn't have Fuel as an option, you can always try the other companies available in your area right there on the site to find out if it's available through different provider in your area.

I Hunt Purple-Headed Yogurt Slingers -

more importantly....

This. Fucking this. Exactly what I was thinking! Phone Post

I Hunt Purple-Headed Yogurt Slingers - 

more importantly....

That guy looks out of place... not unlike dfw jr at a Snoop Dogg concert.

I Hunt Purple-Headed Yogurt Slingers -

more importantly....

Da fuq? Lol Phone Post 3.0

I Hunt Purple-Headed Yogurt Slingers -

more importantly....

He better rush back to the U.S. after the fights.

The Spurs are going to need him in Game 2. Phone Post