MAD PROPS FOR Harris Norwood

MAD PROPS TO Mr. Harris Norwood FOR STEPPING UP AND and replacing Mr.Keith Bach after his injury. For those of you not from this area Cole Has had a great Amatuer carreer with wins over above average fighters from the South East and North East. Keith got hurt this week and Harris is taking the fight. Keep in mind Harris is always in shape and a excellent fighter with nasty stand up. Cole is 6'1 and 147lbs. Harris is similar in build, a little thicker. The kicker is Cole and Harris know and like each other! Both love to stand and throw. No disrespect to any of the other fighters but due to the styles may be the fight of the night! Harris , you are a king! You guys do your thing!



Ditto what Ol'Skool said!!!!!!


I'm glad Norwood took this fight. The only problem is I don't know who to pull for tomorrow night. I've seen both guys fight on multiple occasions and always been impressed. ttt for a potentially great fight and to thank Norwood for stepping up.

Way to step up. You already won with the experience you gain from this. GL to both fighters.

TTT to both fighters major props to Norwood for taking this fight in short notice............

Both fighters looked great from what we saw at the weigh in's.........................


Results from last night???