mad respect for brewster

I'm shocked about what happened but I give all the respect in the world to lamon,he took everything that wladamir could give and took it well.He got knocked down and got up and still took everything.He stood in there and now he's a champ.

Who in the hell still says "mad" these days?

Brewster sucks and Klitscko has zero stamina. Even you coulda knocked Vladdy out in that last round as he was out on his feet and has a weak chin.

the fight looked very sloppy, imo..

I doubt Brewster will do well when he actually has to box.

still Brewster is a good guy and I am happy for him...even though I am a Klitchsko fan

well with these new turn of events maybe brewster isn't worth sh#t.

Brewster slipped him a mickey hahaha.

Lamon is a tough kid with a decent punch. We'll see how he does in his next fight. The WBO has appointed James Toney as its #1 contender.