MAD respect for Kevin Randleman

You know, back in the day, I'd look at Kevin Randleman and just be plain scared. The guy is a beast. All up to the night of the event, I hyped Mirko up. I was talkin about how he was the future of Pride, how he was going to be the man to make history by being the first to win tournaments in both K-1 and Pride, how Pride was evolving because of fighters as elite in striking as he was, and the like.

Man, was I off.

But last night, Kevin Randleman was on. This guy completely reinvented the reason I respected him so much in my early viewing days of watching the UFC. He went in last night determined and focused... it didn't take long, just LOOKING at Kevin, for my confidence in Cro Cop to turn to sheer concern... his intensity presents a threat in any environment, as he's truly become a fighter that goes for the finish however he can get it. Last night, he outright stole that fight from Cro Cop.

Cro Cop was backstage napping... I can only imagine what Kev was doing.

He came out ready... and if you guys wanna laugh about his post-fight analysis, consider this... we've all seen Kevin say some pretty remarkable things in the past... but last night, this man embodied our sport. He was tactical and precise, and in his post fight interview, he articulated his confidence and his achievement while positively promoting our sport and it's athletes. He even said fuck a couple times, and THAT, I can appreciate.

Hats off to Kevin Randleman for his success last night. I'm going to be rooting for him throughout the GP from here on in.

Kevin has fought a long list of A level fighters. He has had tougher opponenets than any other fighter. It is about time that he got some respect. Also, I picked Kevin to win becuase he always does well against kickboxers.

ttt 4 KR

I bet deep down Bas is smiling somewhere after seeing Kevin destroy Cro Cop.

Kev's loses..

1) Barreto via submission - Kev was still fairly new and this was his 3rd fight of the night.

2) Erikson via KO - Completely outsized especially for a wrestler/wrestler match-up.

3) Rutten via decision - say what you want, I think Kev won. Close fight though.

4) Couture via TKO - Come's Randy! Kev put up a helluva fight though. No one takes Randy down & I think Kev did twice!

5) Liddell via KO - match never really got going. Legit loss though.

6) Rampage via KO - Rampage was on a tear. Kev could have done better though.

7) Sakuraba via armbar - looked fishy but Kev was dominating. Oh well. Sak is great however.

All of the guys Kev lost to were at the top of the food chain when they fought. I agree with bflex.

ttt 4 hammer house!

I've respected Kevin. And now I give greater respect him than before.

Respect and Peace,

"Kevin has fought a long list of A level fighters. He has had tougher opponenets than any other fighter."

Okay, let's not get carried away here. Many people have a better list of opponents then KR.

That being said, Huck Fin really came through last night!

Kev's wins...

Bobish, Braga, Smith, Williams, Rizzo, Babalu, Rua, & CroCop.

Congrats to Kev. He deserved this win.


Props to Kevin in beating a tough opponent. My belief is that Kevin just beat someone more "one dimensional" than himself.

Kevin has achieved The Glow.

ttt for Randleman, looks like he's turned over a new scary leaf in his career.

WTF is with the TACO comment?

You don't HAVE to watch interracial MMA if you don't want. You could go watch NASCAR instead.

kevin is the man. Maximum respect.

Hope he wins the whole tourney

"Imagine what Kevin would've done to Taco Ortiz if the UFC would've given him the shot at Taco he always wanted."

You're a dick. His name is Tito and that would be a good fight.

You're still a dick.Have a nice day.

Randleman came through amazingly... the guy really studied for this event... you can tell by his knowledge, all those things he said in the post-fight interview about Cro Cop's style. It's downright incredible when, as a fighter, you can take such an elite competitor, strip away the hype to leave only what makes him a predictable fighter, and use his game against him. Randleman outstruck a K-1 level, champion-caliber striker, and to be able to say that he knew he'd only have to beat him to one big punch, which he did.

Again... wow.

GlenDanzig I wouldn't say "many" fighters have a better list of opponents than KR

well said, ghost.

Thanks, BRO