Madden 15 OG Thread (PS3)

While all the cool kids are on the PS4 thread, there are some of us who haven't made the upgrade in life.  We have a good thing going on Madden 25 and the league has been going strong for about 7 seasons.  OGer Bruham has won almost all, with OGer The Green Arrow pulling an upset one season.  Tuesday, August 26th, is the release date.  Who's in?



Madden season is upon us...again.

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0


Ttt Phone Post 3.0 Phone Post 3.0


TTT.  Arrow and I joined a league.  There are currently 8 teams still available, if anybody is interested.  We are on week 4 now, heading into week 5 tonight or tomorrow.

Week 5.... Phone Post 3.0

Wowsers...still at it...if anybody else is still on the PS3 and interested