Madden is a Scam: Angry Game Rant

Joe is a dick head but his Madden Rants are on point.

Go outside. Hug a family member, fuck a new person, buy a rescue dog, whatever you do, realize it’s a little video game. Dont buy it. Pretty easy.

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Don’t buy it? Pretty easy? How about you don’t breath air, don’t eat food or sleep, just DON’T do those things?

This is the GAMER LIFE! And it’s real! It’s not a choice, you just don’t turn it off!


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Madden peaked with 2005, and I was the best to ever do it.


Madden has looked liked the same game for like 8 years , maybe more.

Best year was probably 05 or so . NFL 2k on Dreamcast may be the best football game period tho.


NFL 2k8 Legends is the best football game period i have ever played. Madden quit trying after they got the exclusive NFLPA license and didn’t have to compete with 2k games.

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