Madden tips

how and the hell do you run on the pro level? i can run for about 200 yrds/game on rookie so i tried it on pro. now im running like shiT? damm game

lol @ pro level

I had a 300 yard game on the All Madden setting. It depends on the running back and of course the personnel.

I play with the 49ers a lot and run behind my LG(Larry Allen) most of the time. If I was playing with a team that had a speed back, I would run a lot more to the outside with a FB and TE in the package.

The best thing you can do with Madden is use the practice mode and some of the mini games to hone your skills.

That and don't be afraid to use a linebacker who has either center field assignments or a RB assignment. If it is an obvious passing down, double-team the marquee receiver while you play off the open TE (or other receiver) and bait the guy into throwing. Once he does, sprint the LB to the ball. At worst you'll have an incompletion and best case is an INT. Sometimes I'll PLAYMAKER the defensive ends to cover the flats in case of shennanigans with the RB.

im trying to get the running down, i cant even run with tomlinson

it seems that the rb are damn slow compared to the computer, even fat linemen catch, I know because I have been playing with web

Stay off the turbo. You corner worse and get tackled easier. Follow the play design. Use the juke and cut moves to change direction.

In madden, most of the run plays suck. Find the ones that work and only run those.

Once I went from all-pro to all-madden, I was running more and more and throwing less.

A trick I used a lot when I started was to pick a run play that has me run between the RT and RG and motion the TE over. Right when the TE is between the RT and RG I would hike the ball.

Usually the RT would block the LE, the RG would block the DT and the TE would bust through and hit the OLB giving my FB and HB a shot at the Safety.

Evad, what if it's man-to-man and the guy on the TE is a marquee LB? Do you check off to another play?

i dont like how the qb drills the ball on a fly route, ive thrown 4 interceptions when the reciever burned the corner, is there a way to "air" the ball?

Newbs - I would own you all in Madden. Post your online name & lets rock... Mine is my screen name.

TOki, IMO its better that way. If the TE is lined up on the end, as soon as the LB sees it's a run, he'll cut inside to fill the gap and the FB will have to take him on.

conmann22, what level are you and are you on PS2?

Currently I'm a level 1. But I just started playing online about a month ago.

WEB, tap the button for "air." Hold for a hard pass.

Madden on the Wii has extra features.

If you're connected to the Forecast Channel, the current weather in your city will be the weather in Madden.

I suck at Madden on defense. Any tips?

blitz was my favorite game for nintendo 64. it's a good game to play with multiple people.

"I suck at Madden on defense. Any tips?"

You understand the basic defense packages, such as 4-3, nickel, dime, quarter, goal line, and when you call them right?

who wants to play??

my online name is GHKfromOG

you on PS2?

my name is F18God6317