Madden tips


can you play a season with people online or just head to head games?

i think just head to head and tourneys.

Tips I've gathered throughout the years:

Remember that your stick sort of controls the entire team. Think I'm joking? On kickoffs, don't take the nearest man and charge. Hold on to the kicker and let the joystick go limp. Then move it left-right only to shadow the runner. That will give you a glimpse of how the AI works. If you prefer to take linemen on snap. Whichever way the stick moves, the "attitude" of everyone else will. Not sure what's going on? Don't do anything.

If you play LB's you'll have to get more involved, but the concept is the same. Unless you are good at coverage, don't choose a LB with pass coverage.

Lay off the turbo.

Awareness in a LB is more important than speed.

Setting beer (now soda) to $1 will allow you to jack up things with better margin (like parking).