Maddux come back to the Cubs..

And all will be forgiven. Rumors abound that Maddux could come back and finish his career where he started which is with the Cubbies. I'm all for it. This is one strong Cubs team and with the signing of Hawkins and the trade for Derrek Lee... Cubs have only gotten stronger.

I prefer to see Maddux finish his career in Atlanta but I would love to see Maddux maybe finish his career in Chicago as well and notch win 300 with the Cubs.

Cubs should make a run at Kazuo Matsui... to be honest I would prefer Matsui over IROD...


Give me a break. Maddux would be cool. But Matsui? He's unproven. Over IRod? I don't think the Cubs are going after IRod. They may be looking at Jason Kendall, but more than likely will keep Damian Miller for his handling of pitchers and defense.

Did you mean ARod? Matsui over ARod. Foolish. ARod is overpaid, but he is the best, bar none, baseball player on the planet. The best thing about Matsui would be that he is a free agent, and you wouldn't have to trade any youth to get him. But Matsui has never stood in the box in the major leagues. I'd bet Gonzalez will be back at short for the Cubs next year.

I meant Ivan Rodriguez... ESPN, puts the Cubs as a good favorite if Florida doesn't sign IROD. I've read, several places saying the Cubs are interested but to be honest, it was mainly the work of Pudge, that killed the Cubs chances IMO, and its not as fun to think of him playing for us.

OF course I would take Matsui over AROD... can't stand Alex and his overpaid contract. Of course he is probably one of the greatest shortstops of all time if not the greatest, but ever since he signed that contract, I have been anti-ARod and happy that Texas has been in last placeall of his years that he's played for them.

My reasoning for Matsui, is for speed on the bases and better hitting. Alex was ok this year but I feel if Ichiro and Godzilla are any indicator, then this Lil' Matsui will be a star as well.

Kazuo is also a big star in Japan, and if the Cubs wanted to expand their audience even more, having a Japanese superstar like Matsui would be dollars... hell, if he is as good as people say he will be, then Matsui will be huge in Chicago...

The problem is this - Saving enough money to pay the players we have now (ie. Kerry Wood).

If Sosa had left, then yes, we would have had more money to get a different SS or another OF or a big $ catcher. I gotta believe Hendry & Co. feel pretty good that the team as it is right now will compete for a Central title.

That being said - I heard the IRod rumors a few weeks ago but lately it's been Kendall. I doubt either one comes to Chicago.

Matsui, if he is all that they say, would be great for not only the team but the city. But I doubt the Cubs will spend that much. (Don't know what his price will be). Plus, they can't find any takers for A Gonzalez and his hefty contract.