Made a decision, need your help

I will stay on the forum.

I will no longer be a mod, I need you to elect someone else, and please do it soon.

I need someone else to write the intro page, and again please do it soon.

If you all want to rename the forum, fine. I want to be just a participant, and do not want the responsibility, or the personal attachment to the forum. It is too hard for me to be looked at as the creator of this thing, and the leader of it, when it has gone in a diffferent direction than what I desire.

In saying that, I am not judging any of you. You can do as you like and I respect that, but I had different ideas and hopes. Many of you deeply love this place and I am glad it is here for you.

Thank you to those who have replied to the thread I made, and have written emails. I am sorry if I came across as a whiny little bitch. It is hard to feel responsible for something that you are in absolutely no control over.


Sherm, Puzzled, or Josh?

Josh has my vote.


How's this for the intro page:

The Holy Ground was created so that some of the forum members could have access to Sunday sermons, a (somewhat) non-hostile place to discuss spiritual matters as well as meeting people of similar beliefs.

Our purpose here is not to prove or deny the existence of God or any other deity. We would rather you look at this as a place of friendly discussion for those who might seek spiritual answers. We encourage you to post a message, question or thought regarding spirituality or faith.

Keeping the basic tenets of spirituality in mind, we are hoping this will not be a place for nastiness, insults, or bigotry.

The Rev will continue to post Sunday sermons on the OG, but we hope that the Holy Ground will be a common meeting ground for people of different faiths.

Please refrain from making hottie, insulting, or accusatory threads. While there is an understanding of the difference in beliefs, bigotry and animosity will not be tolerated.

Glad you're going to stay around.Joshua (I'm assuming this is JoshuaB)sounds fine to me.Anybody who's fair.Scrapper is fine as well and the intro sounds good to me.

intro sounds good scrapper.....any of those guys listed would be a good mod

I would like to vote for Sherm.  

Martial Shadow would do a good job for the opening page.  Although the Rev's is fine.

Hey everyone,

I think maybe MS would be a good mod, Sherm would be good, Prejah could be good as well. I don't always have access to the forum for a while and this is a place that should be more actively monitored than I can handle. Beyond that, Im not sure that I want to have the responsibility of having to tell people to act a way they know they shouldn't. I find myself doing it often enough, and I have trouble keepign myself in check, so I dont think Im the best person to keep everyone else in check. Thanks for the vote of confidence though guys, its good to know you think I am fair.

Josh, fair and balanced poster.

Does anyone realize that Sherm is already a mod on here?

Sherm, you're the rouge (sic) mod!!!

"as well as meeting people of similar beliefs" ????

What I like most is to meet people with different beliefs...


Does anyone realize that Sherm is already a mod on here?

LOL I'm a mod for the entire I can enforce the rules of any sub-forum. I am not a HG mod per se.

Scrapper, I would add no profanity..out of respect for the majority of people here.

What means "profanity"?


MS is fine with me.Anybody who will be fair.I would think that the person will have to be a regular so there are several choices.I think JoshuaB,Sherm,Scrapper,and Martial Shadow would all be fine.Really,just anybody who knows the difference between a debate and malicious slander,is not afraid of deleting posts if necessary,and checks the forum on a regular basis.Is the Rev the only mod for this board right now?

Fadiga, no Scrapper and Rastus, where ever he is are the HG mods.

yours in Christ


1524 is correct..i think taking God's name in vain and the F word are big no no's just out of respect for other members.