Made in the USA

With global materials…

Is this some sort of weak attempt to brand American made when most of the parts are actually from Asia?

The pets??

But yeah that’s some bullshit.

Oops- parts not pets

Ya, I’m pissed that my US made guitar used Brazilian rosewood. Smdh.

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Pics? Is it purty wood?

It’s my understanding that usually means that raw materials not easily found or available in the us are shipped in to be processed by American workers.

I read about it in one of my IBEW newsletters a few years ago.


For clarification, this is plastered all over the box, the tool bag, and the Dewalt drill and impact driver. They really put it out there- just seems weird with the caveat

I think that’s the one exception. Shit that simply doesn’t grow here lol.

It’s more about the sound qualities. Not to derail, but my recent acoustic purchase was actually Indian Rosewood, previous year models from the manufacturer was Brazilian.

Tonewood Pairing
Sitka spruce is the most prevalent guitar top wood of the modern era. It blends the right amount of stiffness and elasticity to create a crisp tone with a wide dynamic range. Solid Indian rosewood back and sides complement the Sitka top with sound that’s made it one of the most popular wood combinations for the acoustic guitar. Indian rosewood produces the strongest bass response among the tone woods commonly used for guitars, with a slightly scooped midrange. Indian rosewood’s sweeping frequency range - deep lows that assert a throaty growl with sparkling highs - rings out with bell-like, high-fidelity clarity. It yields a full-range acoustic voice with complex overtones and extended sustain.

Globalist “we are all one” bullshit.

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If it was made in america…then it was made in america. What kinda horseshit are you trying to pump?

Just got these in the mail…there’s still some items of quality made in the good’ol USA.

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I also have a pair of Whites. Bought them off a Triple Aught Design collaboration. Great quality and American made with a lifetime warranty.

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Are those women’s boots?

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:laughing: nope.

They look like it with the jagged tongue flair at the bottom. You better make sure you have a belt to match, princess

That’s a kiltie.

You haven’t worn work boots before? That one is to prevent dirt and debris from getting into your boots at the base of the tongue. You see them in construction and the trades all the time.

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Edit: meant to quote that king Trav guy.

Of course she hasn’t.

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As the King put it, it’s a traditional element of the logger or packer lacer boot that’s typical of the American Northwest. Justin lacer’s have them too. I had a pair of Justin bullhide lacers growing up that I wanted to replicate. White’s nailed it and made it even better.

Lol. I’m just busting your balls, alice