Made my debut tonight

Ufc Manchester was underway as I finally made my Amateur Debut at Eiko6 in newcastle UK, representing Ludus magnus. 1 year coached by neal wain scott askham and wayne murrie. I came from a boxing background and I competed against a polish guy with greko roman wrestling back ground. I managed to out wrestle him and win in the 3rd with ground and pound. Phone Post

Congrats man ... VTFU Phone Post 3.0

Congrats buddy! Phone Post 3.0

Congrats man, now your life won't ever be the same!!!

Im on cloud nine at the moment. Pics will be up on eikouk site soon. Team mate dan konecke won the LHW title and ludus went 3-1 Phone Post

Congrats man! Any video? Phone Post

Congrats! Phone Post

Now go hook up w your rugby mates and skull a couple pints mate. Phone Post

Congrats! Phone Post 3.0

If a vid comes up I will post a link.
Info on my twitter - punisherpop
And on there website/Facebook - Eikouk
;) Phone Post
Some shaky footage Phone Post

lol congrats...get this man a green name

...and your GF or wife has some great lungs on her.

Congrats! Phone Post

Well done. Phone Post 3.0

Haha. Yeah she also pretty well educated to mma. Not the usual "Knock him out" screams. I had some great support. Theres a lot of great pics here Phone Post

Congrattts! Phone Post 3.0

3 Phone Post 3.0