Made the mistake of listening to NPR this morning

How would you expect me to “clip” a radio discussion while I was in the car driving to work? As I said, I turned it off immediately because neither belongs in a discussion with the other. I don’t know what was said beyond what I originally typed because it was an absurd statement meant to prop one event up using the people who died in 9/11.

Why would I make it up? There is PLENTY for me to rag on leftists for without this. It’s not even something I could fathom making up because I never thought for a second someone would be dumb enough to try to compare the two on any level.

You kind of doubt it but then go on to try and make a comparison… Even if it was a comparison of a cultural significant event(it wasn’t) explain to me how they’re at all similar to compare in that way. One was a terrorist attack and the other was a protest that got out of hand.

Well if your fake insurrection was as bad to make such a comparison, then I guess the 2020 riots of BLM and Antifa are 100x worse and should be compared to the Nazi’s war on Europe. They lasted throughout almost the entire year, killed a bunch of people and destroyed and caused millions of dollars in damage. Far worse than anything that happened on 1/6.


Did you assume I was somehow talking about myself? David, I’m starting to doubt your ability to even read. And talking about how someone felt? I’m just making observations, none of the emotions you run on are required.

How bout stay in topic troll. Do you ever have anything to say defending your party or you just pop in to reeeee?

Lol, like whenever a thread negative about Trump popped up? Now we must always stay on topic! Give me a break.

You alluded to it yes.

No I didn’t, that’s just your poor reading comprehension. It’s a constant problem with you. Don’t worry, you’re in good company on the OG.

You know he can’t, through sheer power of wish, send planes into the NPR. Building, right? Because he does know this.

He just shows up to see if anyone posted a dick pic or a cross burning. Both get him wet.

You’re either insane or don’t know a thing about the media. Sorry, but it’s true. NPR has abandoned normal news coverage to focus solely on political action. It’s how they now define themselves for fund raising.

Tolerant of comparing a protest to a massive terrorist attack?

They realize that conservatives don’t give them money, so they attack conservatives relentlessly. They realize that liberals give them money, so they cater their product completely to appeal to liberals.

It’s an unfortunate truth. NPR used to be something to be proud of supporting. They had Word Jazz for Christ’s sake. Now only if you’re a liberal can you be proud of supporting them, and their product is no longer what people once thought it was. It is now trash, unless you’re ultra liberal and you need to be fed garbage to be happy.

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I only listen to them on my drive hone from work, so I haven’t had them on fir the last 19months. I remember being impressed that they gave air time to Republican strategists and often also had conservatives presenting their point of view. Not equal air time, but I’ve come not to expect that.

At least tolerant enough to not wish death upon them. But again, no one thinks Republicans are toleratant of anything.

on September 12th they had stories about “innocent” people from iraq and Afghanistan who have actual familial ties to Al qaeda, isis, etc. and how they are “mistreated” and denied their rights for “simply” being related to or directly connected to murderous Islamist terror groups

theyd interview the mother and her daughter complaining and crying about their woes of not being able to hop on an airplane and travel somewhere…boo hoo

i did some rabbit hole googling of my post history on this site and ive been triggered/complaining about NPRs loud move to the far left since 2015ish

play the NPR game…
when driving, turn on your local NPR radio station and count how many seconds/minutes it takes until they talk about some Racial Inequities, sexism, white supremacy, blm, islamaphobe, Black and Brown people are the best and most oppressed nonsense

they could have a bit about a scientist discovering a cure for a disease and will spin it into a story about how women and minorities are oppressed within the world of scientists and curing diseases


the NYC NPR affiliate clearly stated their mission to be Anti Racist

they formed a new de[partment “Race and Justice Unit”, dedicated an anchor to race and justice etc.

A group of us began developing a plan to cover race, class, and social justice, with greater intentionality than we had ever before,

Just trying story by story is not enough when institutional, structural racism is at the core of the problems that plague our society,

We’re going to look at four key things to start. COVID-19, of course, is primary. For us, that’s going to include the health disparities, educational disparities. Now we’re going back to school, so we’re going to closely examine the back-to-school disparities. The economy, as it struggles to restart after COVID. Justice reform, and most immediately the election, all through the prism of race, class, accountability, and all of these intersect, Brian. We already have reporters, of course, on all of these beats.

they ALWAYS have people from Slate on their shows

Slate, look it up and tell me, with a straight face, that Slate and its people are “just a little left of center”

NPR had these SLATE people on a panel right after Trump won and published the accompanying article

had a whole 2-3 hour panel discussion with SLATE women spewing this nonsense

SLATE people are constantly on NPR as “experts” pundits, hosts, etc.

Pelosi: Right Wing protestors = Out to Kill.

Left Wing protestors = Exercising freedom of speech

“Business Insider” is a Bezos owned clickbait rag. It’s Washington Post “lite”.

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All the more evidence pointing to the big tech/media liberal bias.