Made the WPT!!!

Wreccker here I come baby!

I qualified for the World Poker Tour's Party Poker Million event in March tonight!!!

Only took 9 hours of playing online in a 1,810 man no limit event - the Top 30 got entry into the $10,000 event!


Another OGer is on the WPT!!!!

nice goin :)

good job and good luck. Maybe I'll get there someday.


conratulations and don't take no shit from Gus Hansen!

thats awesome. congrats

Sweet congratulations!!! I missed my Poker Stars WPT event by 8 places and still can't get over it. Good luck!

How much was the entry to tournament?

excllent. Well done!

It was $210+16 to enter. 1 prize trip for each 60 entrants.

congrats! that's huge. hopefully we'll see you on tv at the FT.


Very nice!

It seems so surreal. The Party Poker Millions is going to be on some big ass cruise liner. We leave San Diego on March 19 for a week. This means no taxes on any winnings! First place is going to be about 1.9 million!

Sweet, sweet candy


thats freakin awsome man. congrats and well done.

do the sites pay for the travel expenses to get to there? I ask because Ive considered entering the WPT tournements on PS but figured it wasnt worth the effort because being in australia, even if i won a seat, the travel expenses would damn near negate going unless i placed high in the money.

Yeah sort of. I am not exactly sure of the details, but it's a $12,600 package, $10,200 goes to the entry fee, and $2,400 gets me accomodations and some spending money.

I do have to pay to fly down to San Diego from Vancouver. The trip looks awesome - Day 2 we stop in Cabo San Lucas and Day 3 in Mazatlan.

man you'll have a blast. well done

Pokerground shirts or what? lol

" Pokerground shirts or what? lol"

That would be hilarious to have the dogs logo here and the back of my shirt or something.

But seriously, I am gettinng shirts and hats made up in the next two weeks actually. The WPT will be excellent publicity for my fledgling site (especially after the new design goes up).