made top ten

I made the top ten over at And for those of you that say those rankings are wrong, I reply with "your mother is a whore"

that is all

Who are you ?

yl2, I am number 10

Chuck, in the world

Cool, congratulations

The deliciously pale booty rankings?

And in the statistical rankings, you're #3!

(the statistical rankings are whack though, imo, though I greatly respect the effort Gary puts into it)

Nick Thompson #10 welterweight in the world. Congrats that is the most
stacked division.

I think this is a good time to post:

Nick Thompson, Bitches!

you still in Racine or up in Minnesota?

There is a Racine in Minnesota. They used to have a very nice steakhouse, but now it only has a truckstop. Truly a sad time. Nick is in Minnesota, but we are trying to get rid of him.

Jwein, both guys are tough. I feel that I am better than Thiago. No disrespect intended, I just think I match up well with him. Noble beat him once and had him beat a second time. Noble and I train together so it gives me a fair idea of where I am at compared to Thiago. As for Koschek, thats a togh fight for anyone. I think I am the superior all around fighter but he is so good at what he does that I am not sure if I would beat him.

capn, its post neck sweater. I think thats what put me i the top ten. I hav eit from a reliable source that fashion saavy increases your rank.


Nick, what have you done for me lately?

I appreciate that vitor, unless its because you don't think I could beat him. If thats the case, refer to my first post.

That's awesome Goat--it must have been the neck beard that pushed you over the top.

Nick any chance of you and Alvarez this year?


IMO, you are #1! That, however, is based ONLY on your sense of humor. However, that is enough for me to think that you could beat St. Pierre in a fight! ;)

Seriously, you are fun to watch, and can hang with damn near anyone at 170 (the Karo fight was not your best showing)! I look forward to seeing you compete again soon!

Good luck! :)

Thanks Ron.

VP, we've been told that if I win win my next fight, I will get to fight Alvarez for the belt. Alvarez is a great fighter and I look forward to meeting him in the ring sometime in the late spring or early summer.

Nick Thompson, bitches!

I personally put you higher Nick, but I'm a slave to my voters. :)

TTT for Gmac as well.