made up a technique- input


Just tried, it doesnt really work as planned. I'll have to modify it.

We could either let this thread die or someone could post a new move they made up.

So your left foot hooks his left thigh with your knee in between this legs?

I wonder if it will be difficult to establish and maintain that hook. My rationale being that if you are planting your weight on your forehead at his R hip, it may be difficult to get your hook on his opposite thigh. And if you are, if you'll be able to put enough weight on that instep to keep his thigh pinned if your weight is also spread out onto your forehead.

Give it a shot, see how it goes...

Well, the head is not right next to the right hip, but further out and your weight is distributed with your forehead and also your left arm (elbow), left knee, and right foot. But you are right, the knee is in between his legs. The whole turn to my left and putting my head down is to give me the angle to slide that left foot in.

to maintain that hook:

After getting the hook, you put your weight on top of his hips. You're balanced using your right foot and you could also keep your right hand pinning his knee. When u put your weight on top of him, you try to spread him with your hook (forcing him to do the splits) you're not merely placing it on top.

Thanks for your input. I haven't tried it yet so its merely theoretical so I have to mess around with it a bit.