Madonna growing a tree out of her snatch

Some Evil Dead up in that bitch.

It was supossed to be a willow tree, but the all things considered it came out a weeping willow

I’d be willing to bet its the exact opposite of that. Wealthy people don’t smell. Wealthy people who’ve crafted their image like she has doubly so. She’s obsessed with her own sexuality. No way she’d let her vag go rotten without a very expensive fight.

She probably has a team of aestheticians / beauticians devoted to keeping her squish mitten as youthful and fresh smelling as scientifically possible. She might even have a cosmetic surgeon on staff who’s only job is her clam cavern.

I wouldn’t fuck her with Stevie wonders walking stick. Fucken horrible bony old cunt.

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She used to be hot, now she’s just a disgusting person, inside and out.

No. She wasn’t. She was never attractive. She was just a slut attention whore before it was cool.

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