maduro vs natural?

trying to buy a box of Padron Delicias online.

1)what's the difference? is the dark outer tabacco madura? is there a difference in flavor?

2)ever hear of "el fumador"? its an online cigar shop that sells boxes for 63.75. is that a good price? any suggestions for where to buy online?

3)also, should i get the churchills instead? is there a difference in flavor or are they just longer?

thanks, thanks, and thanks

check out my

the prices look great. do you think its wise to order one online without seeing it?

they have a "humidor travel tube" that looks pretty cool too - perfect for a weekend in vegas.


Hey hc,

1)maduro wrapper leaves are darker leaves. Generally, they are sweeter and earthier than their natural leaved brothers.

From the Don's "Cigar things you don't understand" thread:

"The outside wrapper (or capa) dictates the cigar's appearance. It is always grown under guaze and fermented separately from other leaves to ensure that it is smooth, not too oily, and has a subtle bouguet. It also has to be soft and pliable so that it is easy for the roller to handle.

Wrapper leaves from different plantations have varying colors (and thus subtly different flavors, more sugary if they are darker, for instance) and are used for different brands. Good wrapper leaves have to be elastic and must have no protruding veins. They have to be matured for between one year and 18 months, the longer the better. Wrqppers of handmade non-Cuban cigars might come from Connecticut, Cameroon, Sumatra, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica or Nicaragua. The wrapper is the most expensive part of the cigar."

"Maduro wrappers are now very popular and can be easily spotted by their dark brown to black colors. This color is achieved by allowing the temperature during fermentation to surpass 165 F. This process requires are thicker wrapper to achieve a rich, sweet, smooth flavor that is popular with more experienced smokers looking for more flavor. Other grades of this leaf are known as Double Maduro and Oscuro. The best maduro wrappers come from Connecticut and the San Andreas region of Mexico."

2)That is a good price. I have never bought from them. I still have some hookups from local shops, so I rarely buy boxes online.

3)Most lines have subtle to significant differences between each size, but 1 of my favorite parts (1 of many) is that Padron flavors are consistent throughout their line. So, pick the size that you will most often have the time to enjoy and feel comfortable smoking.

Vive Padron,

El Don

thanks don - you are a fountain of cigar info.

two humidors i'm considering(these places have great prices - so much cheaper than any cigar shop i've seen):

1st 1, That's a sweet deal. Especially with the goodies. As a general rule, bigger is better. My 1st humidor was beautiful. But way too tiny. Always go big, just in case you get a sweet deal on a box of cigars, you need somewhere to hold them.

2nd, I'd prefer that 1. Bigger is better. :)

thanks for the opinions - i'll probably go with the big one even though it doesn't come with all the extras.

check this thing out: