Maeda info pls?! Metro Guys??!!

Can anyone point me in the direction of some good info on Mitsuyo (Eisei?) Maeda (sp?), the judo man who taught Carlos Gracie?

I remember reading some great stories about him a few years back and would love to re-read some and get a fresh look on someone who seems to be quite a great man.

I specifically called out the Metro Fight Club guys because I know that you guys have great respect for him and I am sure that you have some good sources. Please help a fellow fighter out.

any and all help is appreciated,

Grappler Baki


To save you some work. Here is a good one

It is very hard to find unbiased and/or true accounts of Maeda via google..The Gracie history is filled with alot of great information on Maeda but is also filled with alot of mis-information.

If you have specific questions I will answer what I can.

His biography "Lion's Dream the story of Mitsuyo Maeda", (authored by Norio Kohyama) is the holy grail but you would need it translated if you can even get a hold of a copy. It isnt printed anymore.

Personally, I dont think a better history of Maeda can be found outside of the pieces done in the Judo/Jiujitsu Journal (which used kodokan history and Maeda's Biography as sources)..

They are the greatest research papers (we can readily get a hold of) on Maeda.

hey Quincy do you know the ISBN (number) for Maeda's autobiography, or am I being too lazy by not doing a Google search? ;o)

jason couch from the history forum has a ton of info on maeda, he is a moderator there, so ask him, he mailed me a bunch of stuff on maeda, he really knows the jujitsu/judo history well


dammit, I will post the ISBN tomorrow...a number of people might be able to get hold of the book still...I could post now, but time for bed (and those 30 seconds represent just how lazy I feel today ;o)

A Lion's Dream. Count de Koma, Maeda Mitsuyo's Biography by Kouyama Norio

Shogakukan Publishing

ISBN: 4-09-379213-5

cool, thanks,

went over and asked couch some questions on maeda, he definitly knows his shit.


he really does know his shit! I have found some great stuff on the net, although I have found a LOT of repeat or inaccurate stuff (at least I suspect it is).

one neat idea that was thrown around was that it was Maeda and not the Gracies who changed the term Kodokan Judo (specific) back to jiu-jitsu (general) when he was teaching, because of his expulsion from the Kodokan...I found it kinda cool to mull over for awhile.

also, some cool books were recommended. check out this thread in the history section for more detail.

keep it coming guys.


Maeda was never offically boot from the kodokan I think. One possibility I think is maybe Maeda change it so he wouldnt be kick out (reason being he was in vale tudo fights then and kodokan prohibit any student to participate in fight)

I have found no record of Maeda being expelled from the Kodokan..I really dont think he would be, I mean he was sent to do those fights by the kodokan...

At one time, pro fights where frowned upon by the kodokan..But that didnt have to do with the kodokan's disagreement with vale tudo stuff, it had to do with trying to hide the martial art in judo so it could survive during WW2...Most japanese martial art schools where closed with exception to the kodokan.

Probably I am wrong then. U knew more than I do Q