Mafia podcasts

Anyone else enjoying these?

We’ve got Sammy the Bull talking about his goombata Allie Boy. Michael Franzese talking about his gas scam. The late Frank Culiotta speaking on the Chicago Outfit and Las Vegas. Valuetainment and Vlad talking to all these guys.

I know they’re scumbags and rats. But the content is fascinating and some great story telling.

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Yes, I enjoy them. I grew up in a mafia neighborhood in Philly so I have always taken an interest in the culture. It doesn’t make them “good people” or anything but it is an important part of American history.

Yes I watch them all as well. Larry Lawton; who I found from vlad tv has a great channel; he is a former jewel thief. I remember reading the Sammy book “underboss” as a kid and like his stories.

The one guy who is fascinating because everyone else says he is lying, is Gianni Russo. He claims he slept with Marylin Monroe, had polio, killed a guy from Pablo escobars crew and was kidnapped and beaten…all these crazy stories.

Larry masa on glad was a wild one as well. These guys are basically serial killers…

I do those and the Mexican mafia ones. Plus that Alite guys vids end up recommending Albanian mob shit.
Sammy the Bull is my favorite at the moment. He took Mundo from la eme’s spot at #1

I started listening to The MBA and The Button Man podcast. It’s solid, lots of cool stories.

MBA and button man I’ve started to really like based on suggestions here. Pennisi has a good mindset.

Sammy still great but I hate the gory stories. Does nothing for me when he talks about demeo and scarpa.

Franzese is great but his shows can be hit or miss. The chazz palmiteri interviews are GREAT.

Alite lies too much

I like the guys who carry themselves chill like Pennisi and Franzese. The guys like alite with the tough guy act don’t impress me