MAGA Teenager Intentionally Run Over And Killed By Left Wing Nutjob After Political Dispute!

This is the left.

Le Giga-Shat
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What a worthless shitheel leftist.

You can tell by just one look he’s been a miserable, useless whiny bitch his whole shitty existence.


The left is becoming a domestic threat just like the govt accuses the right of being. We have this pos and the murderous terrorist from Waukesha. Then there’s the guy who targeted Justice Kavanagh and the one who shot the Congressman (R) from Louisiana. The list goes on and I haven’t even addressed anteefa-blm. The shit is definitely adding up but will never be addressed by the Leftstream media or this admin.


Everything that the left accuses the right of doing is exactly what they did. A Saul Alinsky tactic.



First Degree Murder & 50k bail.

Laughs in Soros

Can we agree killing people who disagree with you is wrong?

This is the OG so these answers will be fucking hilarious

Kid looks like he could have been trumps son

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Good to see Jesse has moved on from feeling “personally violated” over the Mar-A-Lago raid!

And I do love any Fox segment that starts with “Could you imagine …”. Like, could you imagine if a major news network produced a documentary suggesting the Jan.6th attack on the Capitol was a false flag operation?

Or could you imagine if Hillary was caught with over 100 classified documents at her home and claimed the FBI planted them, then that they were declassified, then that they were personal records, then they were only for her presidential library?

“I feel personally violated.” :rofl: :rofl:

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You bring up Jan 6…once again the only person murdered was a MAGA supporter…whats your point?