MAGA - Trump Says Welfare Reform Is Next

President Donald Trump wants to take away your EBT card and put your ass to work.


want to believe

President Trump: Welfare Reform is Nex

DO IT!!! Now libs will be upset that people have to work who aren't used to it.

As Tax Reform Is Clearing Last Hurdle, Trump Takes Aim at Welfare State


It’s Happening! President Trump Is About To Smash Thousands Of Welfare Leeches, Obama Is Furious

So, Trump's goal is to put most of the Dems voting block to work?


suess - I assume corporate welfare too?

that is a myth

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Welfare Queens FREAK OUT After Cuts To Welfare/Section 8

Been waiting for this. Welfare is a temporary leg up when you need it, not a lifetime of benefits for those that don't want to work. 

Lady Accepted On Welfare Celebrates Like She Just Won The Lottery

Welfare = entitlements = social security/medicare/medicaid. Will be interesting to see how far they can go since Ryan has been dreaming of this for years.

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Michigan lottery winner keeps getting welfare

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