Magic "Shroom" pills to make better athletes??


shroom tech Magic Shroom pills improve Fighters endurance?You would think in this day and age that we have discovered, exploited, and mainstreamed all the supplements on Earth to take advantage of in our exerting sport of choice. We all have our favorite supplements, usually carrying ingredients like Caffeine, Creatine, Beta Alanine, Nitric Oxide, etc. These stimulants have helped me in my high energy activities, but I really hate the comedown some days. Now I’ve found something cleaner (thanks to Joe Rogan) that I can use daily and has taken me even further! It’s called Shroom Tech Sport, a new product from that takes advantage of ancient Chinese ‘caterpillar mushrooms‘ called cordyceps sinensis.

Study after blind study has proven that these magical cordyceps increased oxygen utilization by 50%, almost doubling the users usual cardio output. The ingredient may be ancient, yet our western civilization was not privy of this great supplement until track and field records were shattered by Chinese Athletes in the 1993 World Olympics. It was assumed the Chinese athletes would be caught with Sonnen-esque testosterone levels, but when they came up clean, curiosity developed. Cordyceps sinensis (caterpillar mushrooms) and turtle blood was the diet credited according to the athlete’s Coach. Onnit has now taken this wonderful discovery and mixed it with even more great ingredients without the turtle blood.

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 I have no affiliation with Onnit. I wasn't paid anything. Just enjoy the product. You want to be cynical about the information I put out, your loss.

JoeAdroit -  You want to be cynical about the information I put out, your loss.

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What ingredients and side effects? Phone Post

I'm curious to hear also. What side effects your talking about? Phone Post

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like OP, I'm not a big supp. user, multivitamins only, but I have used Tribulus & ZMA in the past, w/ work, training, and commute to each, only getting 6 hrs/sleep a night, thought I would re-up on at least the ZMA or some other Mineral supp. for more restful, recuperative sleep, but maybe this stuff is worth a try.

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  cordyceps is not new, at all, it's been sold as a supplement for almost a decade.

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