Magic spoon cereal

For anyone here who has had this. Is this a legit good alternative to cereals that taste good, or is just kind of ‘‘it’s not horrible and it’s healthy so I’ll eat it.’’ I love sugary cereals and used to eat them all of the time but I cut them out a few years ago which has been a great decision. I want to try this stuff but considering they only sell them in cases of four boxes and it’s 40 dollars I don’t feel like potentially wasting that and can live with sticking to my raisin bran and special K if need be.

You’re gonna get fat just like any other sweet treat.

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I never heard of them, but look them up and they use artificial sweeteners.

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145 calories per cup, same as Lucky Charms & Frosted Flakes. 150 & 170 for fruit & peanut butter flavors. Processed cereals are not the way.

The difference in carbs and sugar is significant though. Magic spoon also has a lot of protein that the sugary cereals like lucky charms, fruity pebbles, etc don’t have.

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$10 per box which are less than a half pound.

lol. No cereal is worth that.

This is what golfers eat

Yeah I’m having a hard time getting over the price. Plus they only sell it in a case of 4 for 40 dollars.

It’s probably just a bunch of soy protein like Kashi cereal which you can get for much cheaper if that’s what you are looking for.

I bought it about 2 years ago. It’s not bad, but definitely not worth the money imo.

I’ve bought it twice, it’s good for a late night snack when you get the munchies.

It’s just balls of whey protein with fiber and I think they use monk fruit to sweeten.

I got the combo pack to try all the flavors. They were all disgusting. They had a money back guarantee which I used and tossed them.