Magic the Gathering Arena

Can anyone suggest a few fun decks to create?

I’m basically using the Pre made decks with a few extra cards thrown in.

BTW, fucking Scute Swarm is a world wrecker of a card. That mixed with a powerful card that has mutate is basically an instant win if not shut down early with a murder or something similar.

Only other way around it is to wipe the whole board clean with a destroy all creatures card or something.

I’ve built a deck around spirits. Card that after they are discarded or killed can be used from the graveyard to generate spirits.

Then to built off that concept I have creatures that when a card leaves my graveyard they have abilities that activate. I’m still tweaking the deck at the moment.

One deck I built that I have a lot of fun is with giant wizards. When I get a chance I’ll share that deck list of anyone’s interested. Strong spells and strong creatures. It’s always fun to destroy all non giant creatures as well the. You have your giants left to destroy with

My current fave is:

This deck has definitely been a lot of fun. Lots of cool interactions. It doesn’t hold up in ranked play, but I love it anyway!