Magic the Gathering Arena

I’m very competitive. Plus these people are the enemies of decent Magic players everywhere.

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Just played another guy–five colors, nothing but rares and mythics. No rhyme or reason, yet somehow it works. Fuck him.

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Those types of decks are absolutely infuriating! Mofo’s have 250 card decks and they’re constantly pulling the right cards for the situation? It’s bullshit…

And fuck shrines!



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Updates… not letting me log back in yet.

I’ve got 82 regular Packs + 8 Golden Packs. Will open a little later… I’m so stoked! I also should be receiving my box of The Brothers’ War booster packs soon, too!


@BadLayBob … I have ‘tweaked’ your “Evil Deck” to the point where I’ve ruined it. It simply doesn’t work right anymore. I should have left well enough alone.

However, the introduction of the Phyrexian Processor to Arena has got me STOKED! I’m now able to build my “Suicide Prevention” deck close to it’s real life configuration. The Phyrexian Processor was the card that the real-life deck was built around! The one difference is the real-life deck uses Yawgmoth’s Bargain, but my Arena deck uses Bolas’s Citadel




Never played this game, but I played the real life card game in middle school for a couple of months.

My older brother(step) was really into it and he gave me some cards. A buddy also had an older brother who’d used to be into it and he gave me some cards.

I ended up building a swamp deck and beat the shit out of my brother almost every time we played and he’d get so pissed. Idk if my deck just countered his or what.

Has anyone here played “Marvel Snap?” It’s a online TVG featuring marvel characters. I didn’t think it’d be worthy of its own thread but I’ve been having a blast playing it and it seems to really be free to play friendly.

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Oh sweet! Playing black (swamps) is my favorite.

Not familiar with Marvel Snap. Does it have a mobile app or PC Game?

I hope I’m not jinxing myself, but my “Suicide Prevention” deck in action

The whole idea is to combine Life Gain + Necro strategies. Gain Life to Pay Life. In both real life & Arena, the deck is built around Phyrexian Processor. I used to try to gain an assload of life to pay 15+ life into the Processor, but I read online that 7 life is the ideal amount. So, in the above match I got a little life-gain going, dropped Bolas’s Citadel, killed his Planeswalker (Tamaiyo Compleated), pulled Phyrexian Processor and played it for 7, and then he conceded…

This guy had me down to around 7 life…. I started climbing back, then the Phyrexian Processor

Sounds complicated.

I’ll see it in action 0ne day I’m sure. I have lots of packs to go through.

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I’ve opened around 85 regular packs and 8 of those “Golden” packs so far. I still had to spend an assload of wild cards to get my cards. The Mightstone and Weakstone card and the Urza card that pairs with that to become a planeswalker never appeared in any of the packs I cracked, so I had to invest…

It’s a mobile app.

Short matches, 6 turns with only 12 cards in a deck!

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I’ve wound up doing something I would have never guessed… I’ve ventured back into the Standard format.

So, the reason why is because I’m super intrigued to play Mishra, Claimed by Gix + Phyrexian Dragon Engine. However, I feel that playing in Historic or Explorer has far too many variables to account for. Standard, OTOH, has a much narrower scope to contend with. I’ve created a deck and have been playing the last 2 days. I have yet to successfully pull off the Mishra meld, though.

Win vs Azorius (blue/white)

Win vs Golgari (black/green)

Loss vs another Rakdos (red/black) Mishra deck

I pulled off the meld! Behold! Mishra, Lost to Phyrexia:

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Still gotta get into this season. I’m doing my dailies sometimes , now and then, but I’m a bit burned out I think.