Magic the Gathering Arena

Still gotta get into this season. I’m doing my dailies sometimes , now and then, but I’m a bit burned out I think.

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Absolutely loved the last set. Prob my fav of all time. But that said, I’m taking a break this set so I don’t burn myself out. Gotta say tho, those retro artifacts are calling to me.

Rotation ruined my brawl decks. Still have my goblins and mono red burn in historic but I’ve kinda played those out. Need something new brainstorm and build. Soldiers tribal seems well supported atm but too many people are doing it.

And holy crap that # of games played Khun! That’s insane!

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I get it. We need to take a break to prevent burnout. The next set is supposed to be a continuation of the last two (Dominaria United and The Brothers’ War). I’ll probably take a mini break after that

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I’m disappointed that the pics I tried to upload didn’t come through. I bought myself a box of The Brothers’ War draft boosters. I got some really neat stuff… Amber Mox, Mishra Claimed by Gix, Arcane Proxy, Helm of the Host, Sword of the Meek…

I was wondering about those…

If I remember right, that Mishra card is pretty beastly

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Mishra, Claimed by Gix melds with Phyrexian Dragon Engine to become Mishra, Lost to Phyrexia, which does insane shit.

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I realize you’re taking a bit of a mental break from the game (can’t blame you), but I am absolutely LOVING this new The Brothers’ War set! Even though I’ve never been an ‘artifact’ guy, I feel they hit the ball out of the park with this one! It’s become one of my favorite sets of all time, not just the MTG Arena sets!

I’ve created both a Standard (crazy, right?) & Historic Brawl (100-card Singleton) deck with Mishra, Claimed by Gix. Even though they don’t hit on all cylinders, I really enjoy the card interaction/synergy they have. These decks do some really wicked shit. In many cases, if I pull off the ‘Mishra meld’, my opponents will concede outright.

(my opponent destroyed my Phyrexian Dragon Engine the previous turn, but got caught this turn by it’s Unearth ability and conceded)

Surprisingly, there are many time my opponents DON’T concede and try to play it out, but there has only been one time where I’ve successfully pulled of the Mishra meld where I wound up losing the game.

Anyway, I figured you’d be interested in this deck because it’s black/red (colors you like playing) AND it’s Phyrexian-themed.

Mishra Standard deck:

Mishra Historic Brawl deck:

Another example of someone conceding as Mishra meld pops off:

This week on Arena, the “Midweek Magic” event is a BYO Explorer format deck. I used my Mishra deck and have gone 11-2 with it, despite it being a Standard format deck! I had decided to play my Mishra deck on a whim just to see how it’d do, and I’ve simply been crushing people!

One of the really pleasant surprises is that I’ve been doing fairly well against these ridiculous life-gain decks. Currently in Standard, “Wedding” decks (Enchantment: Wedding Announcement) appear to be all the rage. Mono White, Black White, & Green White, are common, but I’ve even seen Blue White & Red White…

Tried to build your standard Mishra deck and whooo - without playing this set, its a little pricey. Gonna need to make a few tweaks so I dont go broke.

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If any of you watch the Game Knights video I posted above, the Professor’s Mishra deck is posted at this link:

I tried playing with my nephew and his group of friends via SpellTable. It was my first time trying it and it worked out really well!

We started with a Commander match. I played my Nicol Bolas deck (based on the Amass ability from War of the Spark). I had such a shit hand and board-state that the other players had pity on me. They attacked each other and let me hang around. Once the first player was eliminated, one of the other players volunteered to scoop if I helped him eliminate the other remaining player. I did, so we took the other guy out and I won by default. Anti-climatic victory if ever there was one, but fuck it… a win is a win!

We then switch to playing a Modern match. I played Landfall and absolutely dominated by keeping to myself and building my board-state while they attacked each other. They let me go for too long. When it was me and the last player, he almost got the comeback with his Giants deck. He had Calamity Bearer and Sunder Shaman on the board and was hitting me for chunks of life. But the life-gain from all the land drops kept me going until I finally managed to take him out…


Spoilers from the new set. Though its got an expensive mana value, holy shit, this is a card that will make me afraid to play against you…

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Haha that is a silly card indeed. Never really play my Steal Shit deck anymore.

Probably should……

This card is in the newest Anthology release. I love this card for Landfall decks…

I have a real-life deck with Courser of Kruphix + Bolas’s Citadel

Man, there are some gay ass cards that shouldn’t exist.

I played against a red deck today online and the dude had a card that allowed him to play all instants WITHOUT PAYING THEIR MANA (2-3 dmg ones) and the enchantment doubled the dmg or something

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Hey to Khun and anyone else playing!!!

The old-style-border lands are in the shop today!!!

Grab em before they rotate out tomorrow

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