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I haven’t been into magic for years, but I used to. My short history is, I played a bit in 93-94, revised/ice age/4th. I sold off those cards, and then in about 2012, I was working at a school and some of the kids would play magic on their breaks. I was like hey, cool, I used to play. Next thing I know, I’m buying cards and building decks as a way to connect to the students. I started playing with 3 or 4 kids, and before you know if i have half the school, 30 kids or so, playing magic together and reaching out to me for cards, games, etc. I had a Friday elective group where we’d trade, build decks, do drafts. It was a super fun time for me, I was connecting with my students better then ever before and these antisocial kids were also connecting with each other!

fast forward to last year. I’ve been away from the school for about 5 years. I started selling off some of my better cards, dual lands and such. Then just in the last couple weeks I started digging through cards again and what I found blew me away. There were total shit cards worth nothing that now are valuable because some set in the last few years has made useless cards from the past suddenly valuable! So weird. 



I really don’t know much about mtg, been out of the loop for many years. But it astounds me the value of some of these older cards! If you got into magic cards early on, it was a better investment than sports cards by a long shot. Anyone here with a decent collection?

also just in case anyone's like "yeah right, these dorky cards can't be worth anything..."

A lot of cards we thought were shit as kids are actually really powerful unique effects and therefore quite valuable depending on reprints.

Lions Eye Diamond comes to mind as one I left basically untouched as a kid and thought it sucked but it’s now a legacy/vintage staple.

runeterra is a far superior game to magic

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I never had lions eye diamond I don’t think. But yeah, the price fluctuations blow me away. Cards that were a buck or less when I last played, suddenly $20, $30 or more because some card or set came out in the meantime that has synergy with it. The other thing that’s nutty is that 30 years later and some of these cards have huge fluctuations in just a year or two. I sold 3 revised wheel of fortunes I think for around $75 each? Now I see those same cards are around $275! All the dual lands seem about the same, a couple hundred more each than they were a year or so ago

Btw TCGplayer app is pretty amazing, scan your cards in a second to find their value, set, etc

damn, can’t believe I missed this thread. The prices have been skyrocketing lately. I started playing in 98 during “Stronghold”. My friends gave me some cards to get started. I have a revised Wheel of Fortune, and even a couple of Alpha cards. They’re not in good condition, but they’re still worth a pretty decent chunk of change! I actually have 2 copies of Gaea’s Cradle from Urza’s Saga. That card’s value has gone through the roof in the last 2 years.

About 5 years ago, one of my friends used to give me grief for not using sleeves. I remember essentially telling him that I collect the cards to actually PLAY THE GAME, not as investments… Not long after that I was entering one of my favorite decks on one of those online sites… and saw that my deck was valued at around $750. MIND BLOWN! So I started examining the cards and realized that my Gaea’s Cradle, at that time, was worth around $200-250. I immediately started investing in sleeves.

I just looked it up and Gaea’s Cradle sells for as much as $1000 now.