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Fox pages Turner to pen Magneto spinoff pic

Sat Dec 11, 8:18 PM ET

Michael Fleming, Claude Brodesser, STAFF

(Variety) — Twentieth Century Fox has set Sheldon Turner to draft "Magneto," an action-thriller based on the villainous character played in the first two "X-Men" films by Ian McKellen.

Project reps the second extension of the studio's "X-Men" comicbook franchise. Move follows a Fox deal with "Troy" scribe David Benioff to write "Wolverine," a pic about the gruff mutant with the steel claws, played in the films by Hugh Jackman.

Turner recently scripted the Adam Sandler remake of "The Longest Yard," rewrote "The Amityville Horror" and drafted a sequel to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

He was drafted for the new assignment by 20th Century Fox president Hutch Parker and senior veep Alex Young, who are overseeing the spinoffs as they separately develop a third "X-Men" installment. Simon Kinberg is writing that pic. The first two had a combined worldwide gross of $700 million.

Pic most likely will be produced by the "X-Men" tandem of Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel Studios head Avi Arad.

Turner said he wasn't a comicbook fanatic, but when he was asked to read back issues of the Marvel Comics franchise and see if any character was ripe for its own movie, he sparked to Magneto, a mutant whose power is the ability to manipulate and control metal objects.

The original "X-Men" film began with a prologue that showed his character as a child being led to a concentration camp by Nazis, and that is the period in which the Magneto film will take place. This setup will allow a future villain to at least flirt with the designation of protagonist. Since the character will be seen almost exclusively in his formative years, it is not clear whether McKellen will be in the film at all.

"I pitched a film that is almost 'The Pianist' meets 'X-Men,' about a guy who, after watching his family slaughtered, has an awakening of his powers and seeks revenge," Turner said.

Storyline will heavily involve Professor X, the wheelchair-using X-Men leader played in the films by Patrick Stewart. That character was a soldier in the allied force that liberated the concentration camps. The professor meets Magneto after the war, and while they bond over the realization that they are alike in their special powers, their differences soon turn them into enemies.

Turner said the film is one of several origin stories that Hollywood has grown sweet on telling. He wrote a backstory to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" that tells how Leatherface came to be, and Dino and Martha De Laurentiis are working with author Thomas Harris on "Behind the Mask," a film and novel about the origins of Hannibal Lecter.

Kick Ass. Maggie neato is my favorite bad guy. I think McClellan is a great actor, but he is not so Magneto-y to me.

I really hope, if this is done, they do a good job portraying the horrors of concentration camps and don't make it campy.

Yeah i hope they don't make it campy either!!!

the gruff mutant with the steel claws

The reporter should be put to the sword for spreading such misinformation!

great idea, hope the script is solid.

so many marvel characters that would make a great movie with a "GOOD SCRIPT"

The problem isn't the script - the comics themselves are SO much better than Hollywood screenwriting on average. The problem is producers meddling with casting and characters to make more money out of something that already has a fan base.

It's like, they understand that millions of fanboys will go see Daredevil, so then they have to "add" to the story to get the rest of the United States of America to come - Kingpin isn't a charming Marcellus Wallace style black man, he's an ugly fat evil cold steely crime boss. Elektra isn't a goofy little spoiled white college girl, she is Greek, a ninja, very enigmatic and not spoiled. Bullseye isn't an over the top Irish dork. He's an American assassin that keeps a low profile but is really mean and enjoys it. Daredevil isnt' some suave pretty boy. He's troubled and emotional. Did this all matter to the producers?? No because the movie was made with nothing but casting in mind, however the story was a quick version of when Murdock meets Elektra up to where Bullseye kills her from the comic - great story turned into campy shit.

i'll get blasted for this, but of all the characters in the DD movie ben afflek played his character the best.....

i'll get blasted for this, but of all the characters in the DD movie ben afflek played his character the best.....

I think you're right although I could see an argument that Favero did a better job as Foggy than Afflek did as Murdock.

Daredevil was a movie I really wanted to like, but just couldn't. For me, there were a lot of little things that just drove me nuts.

it wasn't that just wsan't as good as people wanted it to be....

I liked DD, but I went in wanting to hate it and thinking it was going to suck.

Foggy was the best cast and most like the comic.

I could make a better Daredevil movie than that - with the $$ of course.

Come on Ben Affleck was good? I fucking hated him. The one person i thought portrayed a somewhat decent take on the character ( and i might get flack for saying this) was Michael Clark Duncan as the Kingpin. I hated the fact that they changed the Kingpin the way that they did for the movie but Duncan played him as a cold, meticulous, businessman/kingpin and was the only character that was somewhat true to form of the comic. It did bother me though because the Kingpin is not black but it seems that marvel likes to basterdize their characters for movies. I mean Thomas Jane as the Punisher and that bitch Jessica Alba as Sue Storm. She is not Sue Storm!

"thinking it was going to suck."

It did suck.

Skimmy, it is my fault you didn't like the DD movie. When I watched it, I was dreading seeing how bad they fucked up. I was expecting the worst, and when I watched it, it didn't suck as bad as I thought it would, so I ended up actually liking it. Then I got online and told you I thought it was good (because it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be) and got your hopes up, the bar was raised a bit and you were let down.

Man I thought it was going to be an edgier comic book ovie the way it began, all dark, with DD injured, but ugh... it was ok at best.