Magneto vs Dr. Doom

Who wins?

And not that house of M bullshit either.

Chance encounter, probably Mags for obvious reasons. Expected fight, Doom.

I have an old Super-Villain Team-Up from the 70s in which Magneto and Doom square off. Doom had little trouble in quickly outwitting and dispatching of Magneto. The issue ended with Magneto escaping Doom's confinement and seeking out the Avengers for help.

I'm gonna go with doom just because he is a pimp and would pull something out of his ass.

That being said Magneto would be an extremely tough matchup for him.

The mutants were running on reprints in the 70's.

I think just for popularity sake, Magneto would win today.

I dont think magneto would have any answer for Doom's magic

Unless Doom ditches his armor before the fight starts, Magnus crushes him like a beer can.

Bad matchup.

Doom owned Magneto before hypnotizing him and forcing him to bow. Maybe I`ll scan it for you bitches when I get home.

thats crap.

neither should be owning each other.

alder hiss, please scan for us bitches....I for one would love to see that one........

It's all a matter of prep time.....Current Magneto is MASSIVELY powerful and would CRUSH Doom......w/ Prep time Doomm wins easily.

This is just dumb. Nobody beats Magneto wearing a metal suit.

Only a long-range attack involving magic or some type of massively powerful weapon would have any prayer of succeeding.

The Doom-worship around here is starting to reach Batman-like levels.

Yes, but doom would kill Bats in about 3.2 seconds, so thats alright

Who says Doom's suit has to be metal.

Doom has a contingency plan for everything and he sure as hell has one for Magneto.

There is no way Magneto is just going to walk up and crush Doom.

it will be a long drawn out battle but after a couple of days doom wins

"Who says Doom's suit has to be metal."

Like I said, if he ditches the metal suit he has a chance, but then he also loses most of his weapons.

Face it, this is just a bad matchup for Doom. Magneto is a powerhouse.

Does Magneto have his powers back?

Does Magneto have his powers back?


A mutant absorbed all the powers of the mutants who lost their powers during M-Day. The mutant flew to Genosha and gave all of those powers to Magneto. Magneto was taken into custody by SHIELD, but the helicopter carrying him exploded.

So Magneto is most likely free and has some sort of mutant powers back.