Magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits Nepal

Wow, really sucks for Nepal right now...

Another ?? Phone Post 3.0

Geoff G Electric - Another ?? Phone Post 3.0

Yep, just broke on CNN

wow that link messed up

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Oh man these aftershocks

5.6, 6.3

Holy fuck. Man...

What's a legit org to donate too? Phone Post 3.0

Fuck that's terrible. A second one? Jeez... my thoughts go out to those in Nepal. Phone Post 3.0

And I have clients who I am building a house for (that when finished would probably be worth a couple of million dollars) and he said he is losing his patience because it is taking so long. I bet anyone who lives in Nepal would gladly swap life problems with him!!!

So sad for anyone involved in this. We have a couple of sponsor kids in Nepal - when we last contacted World Vision they said they were okay - I hope this is still the case :(

Res ipsa loquitar -

I know. Helpful.

Lol nah was thinking the same thing. Have to be a couple good ones out there Phone Post 3.0

No reported casualties yet, unfortunately the last one did something like 8 thousand deaths. Hopefully this one does none. :( Phone Post 3.0