Magomed Shikhshabekov 155 lbs prospect

This guy is 7-0 and has lots of ability. I'd like to see him in the UFC lwt division.

He has fought weak competition, but he has potential and is extremely exciting. And the next level...

At the moment he's way too small for the 155 division in the UFC.

He is with M-1. Fat chance.

Somebody give him a nickname. That family name won't do!

He's currently signed with Strikeforce


Magomed is a nice fighter. He is only 25 years old and has already enjoyed success in his career.

We currently have him ranked at number 35 in our top 50 prospects.

Here's some more info on Magomed for anyone interested:

Magomed Shikhshabekov: Info and Analysis

and a link to the Top 50 list :)

MMA's Top 50 Prospects

Thought he was welterweight

Interesting prospect but I'd like to see him in the US. I've gotten first hand accounts of how M-1 shows are run in Europe/Russia and the matchmaking leaves something to be desired.

GodzillaFuria - Thought he was welterweight
Hes fought at LW and WW

been mia since being wrestle fucked by che mills in 2010


what happened to him?

CarlosFerrao - Somebody give him a nickname. That family name won't do!

The crazy Russian alphabet doesn't have an "H" and a G substitutes. Just call him Muhammad Shishkabob and kick his ass.