Mahood,Bernardo,Sheen,Schritt Vid

Watch Dawson Creek fights at:

starting to look like a troll with posting everywhere

OK, I'm sick of seeing "garyhorse" posting on almost every subforum of this site about this dude Bernardo tapping Bill Mahood.

Props goes out to the guy for the win but give it a rest already. And stop making it seem like Bernardo is some raw beginner, he is a high level Judo BB.

Bill lost?thats what you get when you expect to win a tournament with beginners...

too much risk fighting these beginners,you know nothing about them ....


32 posts and half of them are about the fight.

garyhorse your a bitch and fuck promovibe

Probably Bernardo's manager


Pro's vs Joe's! Looks like a Joe won!

Hey lay off the garyhorse guy.

It's great that he was able to actually put on some links to some fight footage that most hadn't even heard of. I bet most of you don't even know where Dawson Creek is.

I've been here for a long time and usually only post when I have something to say. This forum has become a haven for idiots who haven't had a fight since grade 7 and don't know anything about fighting and will never step in the ring.

This used to be a place for fighters to post. Now it's a mess. So if you're just going to bitch about someone actually posting something half decent I'd think twice about it before some of us oldtimers KYTFO.

Thanks for the footage garyhorse.

Hey Cableguy, how are you going to knock anyone out over the internet? We're all just sitting here shitting ourselves over your hollow threat...ppfffft!

And we all know were Dawson's Creek is, its where Dawson, Pacy, and Joey live out the trials and tribulations of their angst filled teen lives.

lol @ ...ppfffft! ...why don't you really tell him
how you maybe a little...'RAASCLAWT'!!!

nice vid

I wouldnt consider Bernardo a "Joe".

The guy is a bad ass grappler and competed at the ADCC trials from what I can tell.