Mahood - Haseman Highlight Vid

From the recent Bill Mahood - Chris Haseman fight in Surfer's Paradise, Australia:


Nice spin kick followed by some nice ground and pound.

Truly Canadian!

Now you know why Haseman's comments to Bill after the fight were "Fuck off and go back to Canada"

That was some nice G n' P

I saw the fight. One of the funniest things was
hearing the crowd, ref and annoucer cheer for their
hometown hero Chris Haseman while Bill just kept
pounding and pounding. By the atmosphere of the event,
(Spartan9) the promoters were expecting an easy win
for Haseman. Early in the fight Haseman had Bill in a
tight but not threating headlock. Having seen Bill
fight before I knew he was just thinking... 'when I
get out of this, you're fuckin dead."

They never knew that Bill doesn't just like to fight.
He loves it.

damn! awesome vid. bill is truly vicious.

Bill is definitely on a roll!!!


Hey Biff. As the promoter of Spartan I can tell you I matched it because I thought it would be a tough fight and a close fight. My prediction was that it would go to the third round which it did and both guys gave more than any of us thought capable. Chris was cheered with every reversal etc but the crowd really respected Bill and he won over a lot of new fans on the night.


do you have a point you are trying to make? or are you just talking shit for the sake of talking shit?

Bill Mahood got the same treatment with the fans at the IFC "Battleground Boise" in Idaho.After he beat Miletich fighter Tom Sauer.

I was there and I`m not Canadian or Austrailian.

I don't know how long the highlight video will be on that site but you'll be able to buy the DVD from soon

Something wrong with rooting for your countrymen? We don't hate our neighbours up here in the frozen north.