Maia Bandwagon?

 Is anybody still on this thing - or am I all alone driving?

Demian is taking a lot of sh!t on here for losing his first MMA fight.  Yes, it was a legit loss, but he did not LOSE A FIGHT.  There was no fight.

It's impossible to say what would have, or could have happened had he not thrown that weak a$$ (flying?)round kick to open the fight - but I personally believe that he is still just as good as he was last week, and a lot better than many of us give him credit for.  He is still a viable contender for the belt - I would still bet on him against either Marquardt or Hendo.

BTW - Congrats Duffee - you are a beast in the ring man.  Behind the mic, not so much.  If you need a good PR guy, I will gladly send you my resume. 

He will always be a threat against guys he matches up against.

Nate is just a monster. Look at his last few fights. All of his opponents were turned into a living death!

He made a classic MT mistake and paid for it. Now it's back to drawing board, but he'll be back.

Still a fan. He needs to work on a tight striking game focused around defense. That and his ground game.

I am still on the maia bandwagon.

Top 5 middleweight.

OP is one of the most bizarre things I've ever read.  He didn't really lose, because he lost so quickly and in such decisive fashion that we don't know if he really would have lost.

 LOL @ Top 5 Middleweight.  Who has he beaten to earn that? 


I'm not sure if I'm on anyone's bandwagon, but Maia was and still is one of my favorite fighters to watch. His submission wizardry hasn't lost any luster just because he has work to do on his striking.

 still a badass i wanna see fight

I'm a big Marquardt fan, but I still like Maia. You can't win 'em all and this shouldn't take away what he has been able to accomplish.

I hope he recovers and comes back.

The UFC's version of Aoki

I hope he recovers and comes back with a vegence

 " LOL @ Top 5 Middleweight.  Who has he beaten to earn that? "

This from the guy who considers Okami top 5?

I'm still a fan, he's not top 5 but I am still excited about his career. Where he goes from here will determine everything.

orcus -  " LOL @ Top 5 Middleweight.  Who has he beaten to earn that? "

This from the guy who considers Okami top 5?

 Okami's record stomps Maia's record, and its not even close.

 Im still on board, maia is a great fighter who just got caught by a top MW who is on a tear right now

he will be top 5 no doubt , his striking game will improve and he will fight for the title in the next 2yrs

I really like Maia. I choose Nate to beat him that night but i agree. There was no "fight" per se.

I didnt see the fight live, i watched the video on a website.

I thought that the punch, yes it did ground him but was he out?

If nate would have continued to hit him would Maia have recovered enough to continue? It looks like the ref took the cue from nate. Once he backed off the ref called the fight.

On the other hand if nate followed through with that last punch would Maia be alive right now?

Maia has an extrodinary amount of potential and though i wasnt on the bandwagon, It is still a legit bandwagon to be apart of.

I would say much more than that Bisping clunker wagon which is mostly filled with delusional nationalistic Brits.

^yeah, he was definitely out of it.

 Still a big fan here too.  I thought he had thrown a flying knee in that fight.  After rewatching it I realized it was just a kick and Nates punch sent him into orbit.  That had to be the 2nd hardest right hand ever landed right behind Mo Smith on Kazanari. 

I do think he needs to get away from Wanderlei to tighten up defense.  I can't wait to see him fight again.

Anybody want to bet on what will happen if they meet at abu dabhi?

Apparently Demian's kool-aid drinking fans want to usurp BJ's kool-aid drinking fans as the most out of touch with reality. Hopefully, they'll all get along, share resources and build a compound somewhere.