Maia vs Askren. CRE, can we get your take on this?

What say you? Phone Post 3.0

I can still remember making that thread 9 years or so ago about talent that the UFC should sign and my choice was Demian Maia. He was unbeaten also in MMA with a BJJ win over Napao Gonzaga.

It would be a match of Maia's BJJ technicality and Askren's superior world class athleticism and wrestling.

The problem for Maia is that he would play right into Ben's game to play into his own.

Do Maia's coaches tell him to use his grappling ability to keep the fight standing where he might feel he has an edge?

Also age is a factor. In 2 months Maia will be 39. Ben Askren just turned 32.

Shields beat Maia and Askren can control where the fight takes place a little better.



Tim Kennedy: "Luke Rockhold and Ben Askren blew my mind in the strength department"


"Both of them are deceivingly strong".

Also he said: "In the grappling, I think Luke and Ben are two of the best grapplers on the planet. You don't hear their names in the conversations, you hear Werdum, you hear Roger Gracie, you hear Jacare. I'm like, hey bro, those two dudes are super good." 

Tim has never been submitted and fought Jacare 5 rounds, he also holds a win over the current Champ.

It's reasonable to think Askren could be Champ in two divisions in the UFC. 

"The problem for Maia is that he would play right into Ben's game to play into his own."

As Ben would to play HIS own. I am no Askren fan and I'm a huge Maia fan but I think this is most likely a decision win for Ben. If Maia got top position I could see him getting a sub possibly but I doubt he find his way to that position. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks, CRE. 'Preciate the insight.

Man, i would love to see this fight!

Maia deserved a shot before his win over Carlos, now it would be criminal to deny him.

Also criminal is the fact that Funky is not in the UFC, fighting the best in the world. It's just stupid. Phone Post 3.0

Askren hasn't fought near the level of competition that Maia has. He has some proving to do before he could get a fight like that. Phone Post 3.0

Maia would beat him everywhere.

I would not be surprised to see a similar result to Maia And Rick Story. Phone Post 3.0

I remember seeing a vid of Askren getting subbed repeatedly by Marcello.

Stands to reason that Maia could do it too.

I'd also love to see this fight - which I won't say often about an Askren fight.

I know Askren has incredible skill, I just don't like his style.

Maia would win. Askren is the superior wrestler but he is no Jake Shields at BJJ, the ground would be a dangerous place for him and he would lose there.