This is the third thread I have started for this man. One before his UFC debut, one after his first fight and now. Some people say he needs more experience and that I am nut hugging but a fight with Maia and/or Franklin, Henderson, Silva would make for great entertainment. For all of you that are not familiar with Maia his bjj is on another level (mostover used phrase in mma). Jacre and Bustamonte say he is the best in the biz BY FAR and BJ claims that he is the best "no name" out there. Even though he is considered to be in the infant stages in his mma career, he (Maia) creates submission highlight reels out of his opponents. Thoughts.....


The guy is amazing, I am only familiar with him from watching Utube BJJ and MMA matches as well as his instructional DVD's, so I wasn't sure how he would fare against a very competitive fighter like Herman. I think he's one of the few guys that can potentially beat Anderson Silva because of his ability to dominate the ground position.

nut hugger


 Subs out other BJJ blackbelts like a knife through margarine.

Someone told me that there is a video of him subbing Garcia and Renzo in a tourney. Is this bs or does someone have it?

 Sounds unlikely Derek.

Never heard of anyone making Renzo tap but I could be wrong.

Well he beat Jacare and he appears to be the better MMA fighter also.

On the bandwagon. Great BJJ instructionals.

Garcia beat him on points- video is on here under training videos I think. Still the guy is top.

The worst I ever saw Jacare fight was against Maia.
Maia's jits is amazing. truly one of the best in the world.

Always glad to help you out Steph. Plus I think if Quarry can get a title fight as quickly as he did, Maia can too.

He reminds me of busta (in his prime) in terms of NHB guard work. Very smooth and dangerous......

If he improves the standup, look out!

I love how nobody knows much about him. I can't wait to put money on him once he fights a big name.

apparently from what i read, the maia vs jacare match in the gi occurred a few years back. jacare has something like 8 matches that day and that was his last match, and was visibly exhausted. maia had a much easier run.
jacare dominated maia in the 2005 adcc however, but won on a guard pull by maia (-2)

He is up there for sure....mark my words...he is a very credible threat to Anderson's reign.

Its about time the UFC begin to air his fights! I mean Starns vs quarry...pffffff!

Is he planning on moving to the U.S. like all the other great Brazilians?

hes the only real potential challenger to anderson. they shouldnt rush him. hes a special kind of talent. no anderson/henderson/franklin/okami yet. at least one more mid level guy and then maybe franklin.

I'm a huge fan.. i love submissions phenoms like him

He seems impressive and Herman's no joke...but I hope they don't rush him into a bout with Silva. We need to see him against some A-level fighters first.

Hell, give him someone like Franklin, Bisping, or Lutter.

 Hey guys we really appreciate the support!  Last night Demian got Submission of the night and we were very happy.  If you get to see the fight watch how Demian swept ed herman.  This position is what demian calls the snake guard and it will be featured in an up coming videos set in the fall.

again we appreciate the support  and so far on the ufc contract we are 2 for 2 with 2 submission of the night!

thanks again for the support.

Also if you are in the chicago area swing by LA Boxing in naperville.  i run the only Demian Maia jiu jitsu academy in the us out of there.

When i get back to chicago I will post the pics from the ufc.