I say YAY.

It is rather convenient for a Gentleman of Leisure like myself and it Eliminates VOTER INEQUALITY as the VOTER does not have to deal with those Voter Intimidation Hooligans Strutting Around like Some LOWbred HuskyFat Bouncers Patrolling the Voting Places Mean Mugging those good citizens which wish to have their voice heard in the American Tradition of Democracy


NAY… your dumb lemur ass can take your moped down to the polling place and vote like it’s been done for nearly 250 years.


Why Are Republicans So Afraid of Voters?

There is no “both sides do it” when it comes to intentionally keeping Americans away from the polls.-----

Why are Democrats so afraid of VoterID requirements?



Yay! Because I’m lazy. I voted in person once. I’m cool with mail in/drop off.

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Maybe we should go back to MORE repression… the country has too many Pedros looking for a handout able to vote.

It should only be land owners, active military, and anyone paying income taxes that get a vote… fuck the freeloaders (no matter what color or political predilection).


@theraskal - are you trying to lower your T levels by engaging in the RUFFIAN FRAY politics perpetuated by CON News and DAWN Lemon?

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OP couldn’t possibly lower his T levels any more than they already are.


I’m fine with mail in voting, as long as you show an id to get your ballot. I used to travel a lot for work and often voted mail in.


Right. In principle there is nothing wrong with mailing in a ballot. The problem is how it is authenticated, the chain of custody, the accuracy of registration rolls, and everything else that is needed to ensure a ballot received by mail has only been touched by either the voter or a trusted courier.


I don’t care as long as we only allow voting if your credit score is above 650.


Because our US citizenry has gotten really fucking stupid over the last 40 years. If I was ever to go trial my lawyer would be hard pressed to find a “jury of MY peers”. We’re getting close to having to go back to giving the privilege of voting back to land owners only.

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I vote yay. I’ve lived in states where it’s 100% mail in voting, and it was so much easier. I liked that I could sit and take time to research some of the more obscure races to vote instead of abstaining or going ‘straight ticket.’

As for ‘voter ID’ - I’m fine with it. I think there are legal concerns for it being a ‘poll tax’ which is unconstitutional. Find a way to address that (free gov’t IDs to citizens?) and I’m fine implementing it. You can require an in-person first sign up or some other type of id verification for first ballot and still do mail-in-voting.

I support most things that increase the number of Americans that vote legally, and mail-in does that.

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LOL I don’t even watch that CRAP. I don’t need a steady drip of KOOL-AIDS to know what’s going on. Just a quick scan of the Headlines a few times a week and reading the posts here and I’m in the KNOW!

I’d much rather enjoy some laughs on the OG than listen Angry AJ HuskyFat, Bill Meh, or Don Lemonhead!

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that’s what the Angry AJ HuskyFat Faction so want to believe but they KNOW the TRUTH that my T-LEVELS are as ACE as my CREDIT SCORE and I have SEX almost EVERY DAY!

in FACT probably average EVERY day because some days I have SEX MULTIPLE TIMES!

850 on your LOWEST day. They wish they had a credit score as high as you T levels

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How are Democrat’s so clinically retarded they can’t verify their identity or go to a voting poll? That is basically subhuman level idiocy. Yet Republicans have no issue with it.