All my rural family members who are hard core Trump supporters have always mail in voted.

It’s not an audit of the states election. It just one county or area. And it is to look at ways to improve the integrity of the election. That is what it’s scope was

OK, I don’t believe that they are going to find any bamboo in the ballot paper, but I’m glad they are checking for two reasons.

First off, it will put that rumor to bed if nothing is found.

Second, what if they do find bamboo in the ballots?

Wouldn’t that be an important discovery? Would you change your position on the relevancy of looking for bamboo fibers if it is discovered?

Why don’t we check for moon rocks while we are at it? I hear some aliens from the mood may have stuffed ballots.

This sums things up rather susinctly. I’m really curious though how much participation would actually increase if mail in voting was legal nationwide. It’s available to 2/3 of the country and yet only about 60% vote now.

And how does that process work?

Do they receive an ballot unsolicited, or do they have to specifically request one and have it sent to the address where they are currently registered to vote?

Is this a rhetorical question?




Because our US citizenry has gotten really fucking stupid over the last 40 years. If I was ever to go trial my lawyer would be hard pressed to find a “jury of MY peers”. We’re getting close to having to go back to giving the privilege of voting back to land owners only.

I’m good with only property owners voting!

Of course NAY. (where’s the proper poll?)

You show up on day X, your name is then hopefully on a list and you sign your name next to it after you show your ID.
Democracy is a scam, but we should at least pretend we’re serious about it.

If you had to transport a $1,000,000 of your own money, would you feel confident mailing yourself cash in a package indicating what’s inside?

If the answer is no, why would you feel confident with millions mailing in ballots that can literally alter the course of the country?

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That is the most brilliant analogy I have ever heard for disallowing mail-in voting.

I support mail-in and drop-offs if VOTER ID is mandated (proof of ID)

Yes. Proof of who you are has to be a given

Yes to mail in voting… been doing it off and on for decades. If there was proof of widespread fraud, I’d rethink.

We don’t have voter registration . Once you sign up once to mail in vote in all subsequent elections they just send out ballots

This is a very rural county and very republican. No one has complained about this before

What a dumb troll thread.

Of course not. NOOOOOOOO!

It’s a question that you should be able to answer. You’re describing a deep election fraud scheme. Where are the bodies? Why didn’t Trumps AG uncover it?

Here I’ll do this in a normal og conservitard response.

You’re a faggot.

All these teumptards have too many chromosomes. No matter what they’ll believe whatever made up story trump or other conservatives put out there to believe their own fantasy.

For all the shitting they do on liberals they act like even bigger babies. A bunch of cultists. Just look how insane the were at war patriots bs thread. These people are literally brain dead morons

You can answer your own question. You have to understand that our President was fraudulently attacked his entire term with fake allegations, I.E.- Mueller - Sham impeachment. The deep state let Hillary get away with deleting her e-mails and stealing the server taking it out of country smashing her phones with hammers. President Trump was trying to fix the swamp basically by himself. If you have to ask why the election fraudsters haven’t been caught, you haven’t been paying attention…

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