You don’t have voter registration?

You sure about that?

There is no voter registration in North Dakota. You just show up with some sort of valid ID with a current address and you can vote

Hell years ago your ID didn’t even have to have your current address you could bring like a utility bill or something addressed to you and they would let you vote in a different precinct if you wanted to vote in person.

However besides a few minor elections for like school board or city council I always have voted mail in for the past 15 years (since I was able to vote)

However because ND is a solid red state conservatives don’t care, they only care when they lose elections

I prefer mail-on voting. I hate waiting in line, and having the ballot in front makes it easier to think things over.

There is no proof of it not being secure, so we should shift to more mail-in voting.

White supremacy isnt an issue.

Voter suppression isnt an issue.

If voting was so secure why did your party leaders and you fruitcakes yell about russian interference for 4 years ?

If you were serious about preventing voter fraud you would have no issues with voter id.

The fact is the left knows they cannot win without fraud.

You know it. Denying you know it doesnt help. Nobody believes you.

I agree with this, but only with VOTER ID in place. You need to prove who you are.

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That wasn’t about voting security. There were some who greatly misunderstood the “hacking the election” catchphrase, but some misunderstood the allegations doesn’t mean that was the allegation.

I’ll never do main-in voting if I can avoid it. I like going to the polls, seeing other people voting, getting that “I Voted” sticker. It’s a great reminder of community.

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