Maine: Specific information

Need info on class that Jay Jack is running around Portland, Maine.

Please give address, or website, or both if possible.

contact phone # would be good as well.


got it. i am sending someone your way.

Kosta, How'd you hear about us? Are you a local? If you ever need any info the Academy # is 207-856-2662 or 854-3883. let me know when to look for your guest. Thanks for the referal. Jay Jack AMMA.

we're both from upstate NY (albany). I don't know Jay white either.

I know amal easton is a bjj stud and my friend is more keen on self defense/mma. he moved to richmond (he's a social worker up in maine, moved up there for work). i gave him the info, now it's up to him.

when visiting in august i tried to visit, but i couldn't find the place. i found some big warehouse type building (brick building) w/ many businesses in it. I went up to a MA school that was on the 2nd floor i think, but the door was locked and there was a be right back sign. I couldn't wait to roll and my time was running out, so i went and ate lobster instead.