Maiquel Falcão Involved w/ Insane Brawl.. BRUTAL

Not for the squeamish... Falcao's friend takes a SEVERE beating at the end while unconscious. At around 58 seconds you see Falcao also get hit with the piece of wood.

sweet baby jesus


Damn. Phone Post

4 later Phone Post

Holy shit

Falcao gonna Falcao

Did Falcao get ko'd or not?

The guy getting stomped is another MMA fighter names Kaue Mena. He is in critical condition. Falcao was also knocked out though.

Just a bit excessive... 6 punches to the head, stomped, soccer kick... They were going for murder...

Holy Shit.. It looks like he got rocked from the first punch the guy threw, and didn't hit back until he got punched one or two times more.. Phone Post

Wtf Phone Post 3.0

That guy is always getting himself into trouble.

Brazilians gonna brazilian....

Fuck... Fuck. Wow. Phone Post 3.0

Cecil Peoples gave that round to Falcao.

What they sad about situation with that girl in beggining?

TheKidAintMine - Cecil Peoples gave that round to Falcao.

LOL Cecil is so bad he probably gave that round to Gerald Harris!

Everyone is so stunned by the beatdown they can't even come up with Bellator jailbird cracks. Mind is bottled

Falcao seems like a real POS.  But dam that other dude got stomped out.  Crazy