Maitland BJJ & MMA

A short note to let people know that a new MMA class is about to start in Maitland, NSW.

Currently Sean Kirkwood, a Machado BJJ blackbelt, runs a BJJ class on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30 - 7:30.

We are adding a MMA class on Wednesday nights 6:00 - 7:30.

If you are interested in coming along call Sean 0402 478 625 or Ashley 0400 478 024.



TTT Great stuff.


Assuming you are not doing a BoloYeung spin off - I am a BJJ blue belt under Elvis and Anthony and train with Sean during the week while I study at Newcastle Uni.

Seans a good guy i hope he is doing well with the class up there.U still at Body @ Soul?? my uncle owns the gym.

Yep, still there - do you mean Bill?

i guess if ur affiliated with machado then perhaps u should train with other machados.
personally, i would train where its most convenient time wise as well as quality wise.

Yep - I'm a Machado guy :) - that said we have a few blues, a few four stripe whites and Toby is a brown belt who is also a regular - I also live out Maitland way.

Glad to hear Sean's class is going strong, he's a great guy. Also good to hear Toby is still training regularly!

congrats to toby whittle, one of the first big guys i met that rolled amazingly soft and fluid.
glad to see that he is still training, he was out of the loop for a while.

Ash is a very talented Bjjer but even more importantly also a very good teacher.  When he is in Sydney he trains with Anthony and I at SPMA.


Yep - Toby's back training regularly.

Doesn't feel so soft when he's sinking that clock choke of his :)

Sean is a great guy.

Toby is awesome. Great technique for a big guy.