Major award I won

best holiday movie ever, imo

Congrats! But don't let your wife or significant other near it. She'll break it out of pure jealousy!!!

congrats - how much vinyl siding did you have to sell???



Hide the glue.


can't wait for X-Mas Day just for this

it's french!


Italian IMO

electric sex, gleeming in the window...

TTT for Ralphie

Ralphie has some of the best GnP ever. Scott Farkus didn't know what hit him.


That movie had everything a big boy needs: electric sex and some fierce ground n pound............

move to og

ebay has a smaller version in a night light - just sent to a friend...

great movie - later, ma

He had yellow eyes, "YELLOW EYES", "SO HELP ME GOD YELLOW EYES!!"

deck the halls wifth baws of horry

   faw, ra - ra- ra -ra