Major Congrats!!!

Major congrats to Joe Duarte, Patrick Speight, Waylon Kennel, and Doug "E Fresh" Dufur!

Last night Joe Duarte beat his opponent via armbar after pummeling the dude's face pretty nicely on the ground!

Patrick Speight captured the WCO Welterweight Title by wuickly taking down his opponent and choking him out!

Waylon Kennel, who is a BEAST, won his pro fight debut by knocking the guy off his feet and then tkoing him within like 30 seconds!

Doug "E Fresh" Dufur lost his pro debut but looked like a warrior doing so. He came out swinging, knocked the guy down and looked like he was going to win but over commited and the guy took his back and slapped on a rnc. A simple beginners mistake after letting his opponent know he was bringing a fight! Doug is the man!

Unleashed fight team looked awesome last night!!!

ttt, congrats!

Thanks Heddy! TTT!



Heck of a locker room they had for the guys last night

lol where they were all outside freezing their asses off? I thought so too. Rick was all asking me if I knew where to get them sweatshirts and shit there for them.