Major moves ahead for linguists?

We just found out this week that they will be sending the majority of our arabic linguists to Fort Gordon - most have not met their DEROS.

From my unit this Tac to Strat. So it is not known if this is part of the rumored consolidation wherein linguist soldiers will then be partitioned throughout the army according to need.

Nothing has been said as for any plans with other languages.

Has anyone seen this happen to any other MI Bn's or know of larger plans for our linguist pools?


I'm the CSG Chief in a point of reference where I'm coming from. I don't want to get into specifics on this site but in general a lot of capability and hence [personnel] are being moved to the RSOC's, for you the GRSOC, for us here, the KRSOC. It's going on throughout the community because of capabilities; believe me when I tell you, you'll enjoy the view from there much more than your current view in terms of access.

(LTC) Major Bob


Arabic linguists are in high demand and absolutely necessary to continue the Global War on Terror. I will continue try to rotate Soldiers from redeploying combat units into INSCOM and TRADOC assignments. Not all Soldiers will meet the requirements to PCS and not all Soldiers will be able to depart a redeploying unit. That means that those Soldiers that have been on station at INSCOM and TRADOC assignments will rotate to FORSCOM units as those units reset.

98GKP –
The AIP program (MILPER MSG 04-115) has done wonders for the 98GKP strengths in Korea. That combined with the decrease in slots due to PROPHET fielding should reduce the turbulence. Guidance from the Army G1 and the Commander, HRC has identified that we will minimize the number of soldiers that are assigned to DEPENDENT RESTRICTED tours following deployments of 180 days or more. We will minimize assigning Soldiers that are on DEPENDENT RESTRICTED tours to units that are projected to deploy. Thus CONUS based Soldiers that are in units that have not deployed are the only available population to re-assign to Korea.

HRC is not the approval authority for Command Sponsorship so if you are stabilized from post deployment and wish to PCS to Korea (INSCOM) please let me know so that I can place you on assignment with sufficient notice so your Command Sponsorship request can be processed through 8th Army prior to your departure.

Please contact your Career Counselors or your PDNCO. This language is over strength and will be reduced. I would like to keep most of you in the MI community if possible. There are also possibilities to be released to Defense Attaché, DTRA and other programs.

Once again, seeking motivated volunteers for Airborne.

Persian Farsi, Persian Afghan and Kurdish will be rolled into one for assignment purposes and promotions.

That is a rather dated PERSCOM posting.

Major Bob or others... Anyone had an Attache assignment???