Major plot hole in Prometheus

Male and female scientist dating
Male says " there is nothing special about creating life"

Female upset says " I can't create life" an starts to pout.

Male says ( paraphrase) " no you're special babe I love you" then they have sex.

Any real woman would have locked up that snatch like it was Fort Knox and brought that up in a fight daily for two years till you eventually had to break it off cause she is crazy. Phone Post 3.0

Maybe she realized a long time ago that he pays for all her shit - and that maybe it would be s good idea for to STFU and give up the pussy so that she can maintain that lifestyle. Phone Post 3.0

I think the biggest plot hole is when the strange octopus alien had sex with the chick. No way that could happen.

They never explained why Dr Manhattan wasn't blue anymore. Phone Post 3.0

Am I the only one who wanted to bang that female scientist while watching that movie, but not after?

Nope the biggest plot hole was Charlize theron wearing way to much clothing Phone Post 3.0


That whole movie is a plot hole.

I'd put my plot in Charlize Theron's hole. Phone Post 3.0

Oppsicrappedmypants - I'd put my plot in Charlize Theron's hole. Phone Post 3.0

Voted up for lame innuendo


In ur endo.

Running directly after having major surgery, that part bothered me the most. Phone Post 3.0

Plot hole: Forgetting subtitles when talking with aliens.

Plot hole: why did the ginger turn into the monster? Phone Post

Also when having the octopus removed all of the goo feel into utter open wound.

Ewwwww Phone Post