Major props to Rory Singer

I went to KOTC live last night. I was impressed by a few fighters. Rory Singer was getting "beat" until about 15 seconds before the fight ended. Then he got up, delivered a big knee and pounded out his opponent. Goveia was a BJJ guy but he pulled the same shit that all the BJJ guys complain about. He got on top of Rory and sat there. Rory was active from the bottom and on his feet. He came to fight and Goveia came to stall and try to ride out a decision. He threw no serious punches on his feet or from the guard and made no serious submission attempts. It was good to see Rory win.


rory looked great and faught like a champ for sure

bflex, if he through no serious punches on the feet and laid and prayed then how was Rory getting "beat?"

Did Rory make any submission attempts? I heard that he did. Please explain further.

The judges were consistantly awarding fighters for controlling top position and getting take downs and for that rory was getting beat... but rory showed the heart of a champ and finished the fight.

rory is the man!

way to kick ass rory!

was the guy out or was it a tko via ref stoppage?

CharlesFFA/AFA is correct in stating that the judges were awarding people for takedowns and top position. I am usually for that as long as the top person takes advantage of the position and at least trys to do something, anything. Rory was active off of his back with a guy who was content to do absolutly nothing on top. I would have given the fight to Rory anyways just because he tried. I am a fomer wrestler so I love ground and pound, but the performance did not impress me.

TTT for Rory!!!

SBGi!!! SBGi!!! SBGi!!!

TTT for the BIG MAN!!!